In the rough, tough world of stud welding, you are only as dependable as the equipment you use. With over 30 years experience designing stud welding equipment and accessories, Pro-Weld International has developed a reputation as the industry leader in equipment reliability

Our mission at Pro-Weld International is to assure that the stud welding equipment you buy today remains dependable and accurate for years of trouble-free service in your factory or at your job site. Our engineers have "over-designed" many of the critical areas (like circuits) to increase the reliability of all of our capacitor discharge (CD) and arc welding units.

To insure customer confidence we fully stand by our products and provide a 1 year warranty on all Pro-Weld International stud welding equipment. We feel that a warranty is only as good as the integrity and reliability of the product. Therefore we will also include a 3 year warranty on all printed circuit boards used in Pro-Weld International equipment.

In fact, Pro-Weld International is so reliable, we are now the exclusive manufacturer of replacement parts for Erico and KSM brand products. In addition, we maintain an extensive inventory of stock parts and accessories for all major makes and models of stud welders.

All of our accessories are manufactured using state-of-the-art CNC equipment to help keep costs down and provide consistency part to part.

Pro-Weld International has the products, experience and field support to keep YOU dependable. For the name of your local distributor, call today!

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