Nelson® Stud Welding is the leading manufacturer and distributor of weld stud fasteners and application equipment worldwide. Stud welding products are perfect for the fastening needs of the construction and industrial markets and include products such as:

  • Externally threaded fasteners
  • Shear connectors
  • Concrete anchors
  • Punching resistor studs
  • Inserts
  • Ports
  • Pipe & cable hangers
  • Weld studs & bosses

We also manufacture the equipment used to apply, assemble and weld these items.

Our rich history began when Ted Nelson invented stud welding in 1939. As a ship builder helping the US's WW II effort, he knew there has to be an easier way to weld fasteners. His process evolved into what is today's leading stud welding manufacturer - Nelson Stud Welding.

Nelson fastener products can be found all over the world. Some of our most notable jobsites include:

Many leading equipment manufacturers use Nelson

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